Gunther tells it straight how he worked himself into the executive suite of major corporations rooting out fraud and how it was working in a boutique of fraudster brokers. His story rings of a different Tom Clancy's "Jack Ryan" tale and if after you read it you think it's fiction, you'd be dead wrong. As Gunther said in prior books and reports,he tells the truth they don't want you to know. About business and politics. He holds nothing back.

The second part of his book, Gunther tells how the 9/11 terrorist attack triggered a 20 year slide in a political and social disaster. He gives the seven pillars of the decline of the U.S.A. But he also foretells how the country finally makes drastic changes when a third party elects a general for president and wins control of the Senate and House. As General George Washington became the first president, this general in the year 2020 saved the country from self destruction caused by a generation of incompetent and corrupt politicians. Gunther ends by telling what kind of country and globalized world will be seen in 2035.
Meet Gunther & Shirley
Gunther tells how he escaped Nazi Germany during the holocaust, surviving two foster homes and an orphanage in Sweden and forced to live as a virtual slave for four more years in another foster home in the U.S.A. He tells about his Air Force active duty in the Korean War and how he worked with military intelligence to prevent the Cold War from becoming a nuclear disaster.